July 18th, 2024
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accessories, drivers and motorbike equipment

drivers equipment
jacket per day 4,00 €
helmet per day 4,00 €
cloves only 3,00 € for the whole
rental period of motorbike
kidney belt only 3,00 € for the whole
rental period of motorbike
All objects get detailed cleaned and treated with disinfectant before you get it.
Basically we recommend our clients to take there own drivers equipment from home.
With most airlines you easily can take your helmet as hand baggage.
Baggage systems
Nearly for all of our motorbikes we offer original baggage systems by the manufacturers.


lockable topcase
6,00 € per day
baggage set
10,00 € per day
tank bag
free of charge
All accessories shown above are borrowable in the office of canarYmoto for that termed price.
Objects may vary by form, colour and brand from that pictures you see.
When accessories are not included in your booking, we can´t ensure that all objects are stocked.

All our motorbikes are equipped with a tank bag and nearly all of them are available with baggage system and/or with a top case.


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