June 20th, 2024
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an extraordinary culinary experience
We from canarYmoto would like to give our clients something besides motorbike-enjoyment, which is not granted to normal tourists.
We call it: an extraordinary culinary experience.
For that we have hand-picked a selection of restaurants on Tenerife. These locations are almost exlusively visited by native inhabitants and residents. A better recommandation you can not have.
Asset to our clients: native canarian cuisine with perfect price-performance ratio and pure canarian flair, anaffected from mass tourism.
Quite natural we have tested all restaurants a few times by our self.

To keep these regional distinctions as insiders´tip´, we only give all informations and adresses to our clients. 


  Tenerife South-West  
This restaurant is specialiced on barbecued meat and nice wine, mostly coming from the island. It has a very nice ambience. By quality this restaurant is one of the best meat restaurants on the isalnd - "an absolute must" on each island visit!
  Tenerife South-West  
This restaurant is abolut famous for fish and seafood.
From outside it looks like a garage but inside its nice decorated.
Special for this restaurant is, that the fish gets boned. By quality it is one of the best fish restaurants on the island.
Very easily you will belong to the family because all are very friendly. 
  Tenerife South-West  
Since 1962 this restaurant offers only one meal: chicken with chips, salad with bread. There is a large selection of wines from the island too.
So order is very simple: una completta (one meal). Vino Tinto de la Casa fits perfect. It doesn´t matter how many times you have been here, each time it will taste very good. You won´t make a mistake. 
  Tenerife South-West  
Native restaurant, lovely styled and tasty canarian meals. Special: grilled chicken. You will not feel yourself as a tourist.   
  Tenerife South-West  
The restaurant is on top of a hill and has one of the nicest terrace of the island with top sea view.
Specialized in chicken and rabbit with garlic and Papas Arrugadas (canarian potatos). View and cooking is unforgettable. 
  Tenerife South-West  
It is realy a nice native restaurant with top canarian products. Very rural equipped.   
  Tenerife South  
This restaurant is specialised for paella (cooked with fish and meat). Nice wines from the island fits good with it. But if you like, take a nice cold beer. In this restaurant you will nearly meet only native guests.   
  Tenerife South  
This restaurant is primarily specialised on meat. There is a lot of delicious varations of rabbit, chicken, pork, beef, goat and lamb.
Own wine production. You will like to come back. 
  Tenerife South-East  
This restaurant is the largest native fish-restaurant on Tenerife. Very famous for fresh fish and good wines from the island.
Take your own choice at the counter. Fish will get weighted and then calculated. Nice ambiente with direct view to the kitchen. Top quality for all products. From the restaurant you have a nice sea view as well. 
  Tenerife South-East  
This is a very small but cozy restaurant, close to the sea beside the placid fishing harbour.
Specialities are fish, paella and tasty wines from the island. All meals are lovely and freshly made. 
  Tenerife South-East  
This restaurant is specialised for fish and Paella. For Paella you have to order before. Nice and friendly atmosphere and good meals. There is a large selection of wines from the island. Top quality and best value for money.   
  Tenerife South-East  
This fish-restaurant is cozy styled and completely air-conditioned. Guests choose their meal from the refrigerated counter. Good service and adequate value for money. You will find also a lot of nice wines from the island. You have to try this restaurant.   
  Tenerife North  
This restaurant is one of the simpliest of the island, very rural and very special!
There are only a few meals - but all are very tasty.
Special for grilled chicken and spare ribs.
The restaurant is open only from 15. November till end of May. It belongs to a bodega, producing only one sort of very tasty red wine. 
  Tenerife North  
A very nice, traditional restaurant. Direkt by the sea and great terrace. Special for canarian meals in high quality. Who ever has been here will come back.   
  Tenerife North (Esperanza forest)  
Old and rural restaurant, famous for grilled meat and sausages.
Delicious meals and tasty own house wine. Nice ambiente and good service. 
  Tenerife North  
This restaurant is specializing in all kinds of meat for barbecue (goat meat, chicken and lamb chops). They serve their own wine. As biker you are very wellcome.   
  Tenerife North-East  
Simple canarian restaurant - but with very good meals. The tasty Vino Tinto de la Casa is very refreshing.   
  Tenerife East  
A dazzling restaurant which is normaly not easy to find. It is specialised in fish and located direct by the sea. Enjoy the view while eating. Cozy equipped with good meals. One insiders´ tip you should not miss.   


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