December 11th, 2023
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BMW F 800 GS
Dieses Motorrad verfügt über ein ABS-System

It´s time to get up. Into a new period of time. On a new generation of trail bike. With low weight and high reserves. With the possibility of real dirt track use and surprising sloping positions on asphalt. One trail bike never seen before by BMW. BMW F800 GS800cc with the power of 85 PS and 83 Nm with just 200 kg! Latest motor management with low consumption, but with wasteful driving enjoyment and pithy sound management: realy unstoppable! With its  torque-free frame this bike also offers place for more highlights like uge airbox and tank under the seat. Equipped with a 21-inch-tire in front, which is perfect for dirt tracks and with a bulging 17-inches-tire in back to get perfect propulsion, both with tough spokewheels. Two beakings disks in front, one in the back ensure breath-taking delays, easy to use with ABS-system. The chassis is developed for all-terrain use and offers long rage of spring.
Even if this bike comes nearly perfect from manufactory: we have a lot of special accessories on offer.


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