June 20th, 2024
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BMW F 800 R
Dieses Motorrad verfügt über ein ABS-System
Definitily the hottest generation of naked-bikes since the BMW K1300R. What a nice two-cylinder bike, what a roadster which comes modern and simply sexy: light, stylish and fit. Most modern assembly, cool design, perfect combination for poor fun and high suittablility for daily use. It´s 800cc two-cylinder, in total black does´nt only look cool, he also sounds like that and has power. This best-known and extremly spare parallell-twin gives a lot of fun to you. - 86 Nm is a word in this class, as well as 87 PS. Especially because you can use this power in the whole speed range. Keyword mobility: here the BMW F 800 R offers a uge range for beginners as well as for experienced drivers. This ergonomics fits everyone, this crisp and stable chassis is in perfect balance. Easy to handle in town and stable when you quickly drive on country roads. 
With so much fun it´s good to know to have ABS on board. More features are: LED-Technic, style-parts, diverse intelligent baggage racks. 
At last: this is a real BMW - a very coole one !


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